Monday, December 18, 2006

birds on boobies.

christmas is a difficult time of year for me.

and not in the "ive got the holiday blues" kind of way (what's that?), but in the "i can't stop myself from buying every pretty thing i see for myself while pretending to shop for others."

ok, that's a lie. i do shop for others, i finished my shopping last weekend and i bought bitchin', thoughtful gifts for my friends and family. but i don't know how to exercise any sort of consumer self-restraint during the normal year, but at christmastime, when it is mandatory to shop and be out in boutiques, malls, record shops, i just. can't. stop.

so, on the way home from the xmas shopping the other day with my bestestest friend juliet, i stopped into electric ladyland, this boutique near the restaurant we work at that everyone has said "OMG! you have to go! they have the cutest things!" for months now. anyway, i decided to pop in, and jesus christ. everything glittered. way too "scottsdale clubby i'm a 45 year old mom trying to look 25 with the help of plastic surgery and army pants with sparkly patches on them" of a taste for me, but lo and behold, nestled between rhinestone-laden halter tops and spandex-chiffon dresses, i found this lovely dress that a girl had worn into the restaurant MONTHS ago that i begged to know where she got it,and the reply was L.A. gah!! shellshock-disappointment followed. it looks so vintage chic, with adorable embroidered swallows on the chest and a rope tie around the waist. and there it was!! in this shiny store!! just one left! in my size! clearly, it was fate. lookie lookie:

the photo doesn't do the dress justice, the girl is kinda skanky and she isn't pulling it off very well. i will sport this dress with my vintage black riding boots. plus my boobs aren't fake like hers. so, yes, i splurged way too much $ on this dress but i couldn't let it go. IT WAS FATE, RIGHT?? i had to salvage it from the glittered creepy forest of "HOT BABE" rhinestone tees and "I WANNA BE SEDATED"-embroidered toddler onesies (fereals).

she's baaaaaa-aaaaaaaack.

god that title was lame. but it's 5pm and i'm in a coffee shop and i stupidly ordered english breakfast tea instead of caffeine, and i had to be up for work at 5 am today, and i'm SO TIRED!, perfect time to jump back into the blogosphere, eh? i promise the rest of the post won't b as lame as the title, mmkay?

so! why have i been gone so long?? a few reasons. BLOGGER WON'T LET ME UPLOAD PHOTOS FROM MY COMPUTER! i don't know why. it says they're uploaded, the photo insert box goes away, and then ... nothing. nada. zilch. no photos. no pictoral mass-web sharings of my: bloated wisdom toothless face; trip up north to prescott; new puppy ramses (AH GOD SO CUTE HE IS!); other random items i would like to share with my beaoteeful readers. lame! so lame. so i'll have to resort to uploading photos from the internet only, i suppose. sigh. if anyone knows how this photo situation can be fixed, i'd love to hear how....

...where to begin? let's start with the surgery. thanks for all the well wishes, it actually went much better than anticipated, considering what a hopeless wimp i am with pain. thanks to vicodin and my mum's superduper caretaking skills, and seasons 1-4 of queer as folk, i was better in no time! it was very nice to be home for awhile and see family and friends. my life is so all over the place, having gone to college across the country, and having spent a year abroad and making incredible friends in europe (european and american friends alike), i now have a collection of friends everywhich way, which is marvelous, but also kind of overwhelming. especially when i'm as shitty at keeping up with communication as i am. ah. gotta work on that.

so, all's well here -- i'm gearing up for THE HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! mum is coming out to visit me for xmas, which i'm oh so excited about. my birthday falls on christmas day so this time of year is extra-fun and special and exciting for me. let's put it this way... will ferrell as "elf" speaks to my inner soul. i feel the same way he does about christmas. 'elation' is a nonchalant term for how i feel about christmas.

speaking of elf, when i saw it with my ex-boyfriend when it came out, and the scene came on where buddy the elf doused a bowl of spaghetti with chocolate sauce, candy, marshmellows, m&ms, and other assorted sugary goodies, i leaned over and said "that. looks. so. fucking.good." cut to 2 months later, for valentine's day, he made me the very same meal, and it was so. fucking. good. sounds gross, but if you're serious about sweets the way i am, i promise you'll like it. try it some time. ferreals.

ok that was a major(ly sugary) segue. basically, i'm superexcited about christmas. now time for a nice CURRENT boyfriend story! (i don't mean current in the "this week's boyfriend" way, but in the "not an ex-boyfriend story, this is my now boyfriend and i love heeem" way)

last nite le boy told me to leave the house for a couple hours. when i got home, he had decorated our place from top to bottom in christmas gear. twinkly colored lights everywhere, gift ribbons scaling down the walls, snowmen, candy, and silver balls and holly branches. so purtee!! the boy knows the way to my heart. whee!

onto the next post...BACK TO FASHION!