Friday, February 27, 2009

this is how you'll know me

by dallas clayton, via magic molly

yes is a world

completely charming & sweet video by israeli artist oren lavie. the entire video shot in thousands of stills, we see a girl on a bed, swimming and walking and biking thru her day -- my favorite moment is when the bed is converted into a train car, and when the cello floats across her sky, oh my how lovely.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

watercolour milk

Truly one of the most beautifully rendered "music videos" i have ever seen: a video triptych from creative duo Overture (who did the artwork for an, ahem, KiraKira album!) set to Hauschka. Bryum & Kapok are woodland creatures whose friendship and musical collaboration brings all the sweet mythical forest creatures together in a pseudo-pagan sonic dance love moment. Really lovely. 

Freibad, one of my favorite Hauschka pieces, is the 3rd and final installment, embedded below. I wish I could relive that delightful wintry night at Schubas all over again. My nieces were totally mesmerized by this video, and immediately after I showed it to them, they rushed to find instruments emulating those of Bryum & Kapoks' so they could recreate the scene. It was with a private sense of glee that I heard them humming Hauschka for hours afterwards.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

it's a fool who plays it cool

this is so old, but for those of you that missed this the first time 'round, here's your chance. probably the cutest 3 year old in the world, singing 'hey jude' in his diaper, all the lyrics known by heart, and even a guitar chord or two, too.

this reminds me of cold, smoky late nites shared over cheap pint tins last year in london with mark, uncovering the weirdest/cutest/freakydeakiest shit on the internet side by side. missudewdie.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the best gesture of my brain is less than

your eyelids' flutter which says
we are for each other

yer my favorite aunt because yer always happy

After 12 hours of sitting around in various airports (LAX, SFO) yesterday thanks to "weather conditions" (yeah, like i'm falling for that one), at last i arrived in the land of rain and the cutest nieces you ever did see -- portland. With all the delays, by the time i got in last nite the wee ones were already asleep, so this morning i was awoken at the non-magical hour of 6.30 am with magical kisses from a 4 & a 6 year old. ah!       

today we: shopped for toys (hello kitty is still big, y'all), ate rainbow sprinkled donuts, drew mermaids, read berenstain bears (still big, y'all), i got my cardio on via an intense piggy back ride in the rain, and celebrated daisy's birthday with ice cream cake. HAYO.  photos coming soon.

in the meantime, the best/creepiest photo of kurt methinks i've ever seen, because we can, and because i'm currently wearing my sister's red plaid scarf that she wore in the years that he was still truckin':                                        
also, really, craigslist? how about someone hire me just to EDIT THESE JOB LISTINGZ:

Monday, February 23, 2009

time is on someone's side


--last nite's text from Juliet
I would have to agree, (OMG "SEYMOUR PHILIP HOFFMAN" WTF, and Craigslist dancers??? really???), but not quite as freaky deaky awesome as this WALL OF CLOCKS at TJ's house. Yesssss. Plus he brought the party Midwestern-style, serving beef jerky, football-shaped sausage, cheese curds, and Coors.

His landlady knocked at 10.15 to yell at us for being too loud, "and I know you are having some kind of fun, but it is after ten, and peoples have to work tOMORROW!!!! IT IS MONDAY TOMORROW!" Being in a room full of stand-up comics was rather intimidating, there was a (seemingly weighted) board tallying the jokes. At least I rated (twice) (although my name was given a -hole at the end, aw).

off i go to visit my adorbz nieces in PORTLANDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the section that lists all the sections section

ohman, paul rudd is so brilliant in this: michael showalter's parody of the NYTimes Weekender subscription commercials.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Benis Practice

crystal castles should totally remix the seinfeld theme song. that would be the bambajammmmmzzz0rzzzz.

the kind of sick that's brilliant...

...or the kind that appeals to the 12-year old boy inside of me (ew).  Like this morning, when I received an e-mail reading "UPS has shipped your pants," and, well, I'm sure you can guess where my foggy 6 am brain took that one.

ANYWAY. A ridiculous(ly awesome) blog dedicated to images of inter-species inter-course:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

everybody loves celebrity-spotting

Matthew Perry making out with Doris Roberts:
Tonite I ate a rather delarcious Ethiopian meal in (where else?) Little Ethiopia (there is a "Little" everything here, I happen to be near "Little Armenia," which is awesome), with my delightful new friend, who I met rather drunkenly on Valentine's evening at h. wood. I told him that I often spot celebrities because noticing the people around me is like the only thing I pay attention to. Minutes later, driving home down Sunset Boulevard, and I look over at the red light to see none other than a fancy black fur-coat clad DORIS ROBERTS sitting next to me in her shiny black Lexus. I got all giddy, and then didn't know where to look, like, do I mouth "HEY YOU'RE GREAT. I CAN'T FUKKIN' STAND THAT SHOW YOUR'E ON, BUT YOUR'E GREAT!" I would like to know her. I would like her to be my Los Angeles grandma. That would be nice. She looked nice. Well, she looked how most people look in their cars at red lights: blank, and sort of sad. She definitely was not rocking out to Fuck Buttons like I was, but she looked a-okay. 

And also! Last nite Lucy Liu walked right by me at the Cha-Cha lounge. HAR! I LIVE INSIDE OF A MOVIE AND IT IS AMAZING. MAN I LOVE IT.

and a propos of two posts ago, here is lily allen's brand-new tat. even she is getting on the text tat train! weekend project, weekend project.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

zut alors

putain, it's possible to watch le ballon rouge online!!! my most favorite film from childhood, watched & re-watched & re-watched in french class year after year, huddled on the floor, knees to chin in the AV room, violins swelling and my obsession with balloons & paris growing with helium breaths.


ohman. if only.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

don't change a hair for me

So we just took a surreal kickboxing class at crunch fitness at which the instructor took a more than passing resemblance to Rex "roundhouse kick to the face" Kwan Do.  I was waiting for him to start screaming about Starla at any moment, it was kind of scary. And awesome. And sweaty.
just kidding. raja's in town with all his stanford business school frendz and we're going to dance at some new club where radiohead threw a big party last weekend. which is almost the same as sobbing yourself to sleep. PSYCH. here's to 90% fewer emotionally unbalanced/unavailable/demented/psychotic dickheads in '09! 
no but seriously, happy valentine's, everyone. <3

Friday, February 13, 2009

spaceships and forests.

And I asked you to lie on the wooden floor with me
Even though it was cold on the floor, cool to the touch
We laid our backs on top of it and stared at the ceiling,
Side by side, our pinkies touching but nothing else, with careful breath.
Your pocket breathed up and down so close to my shoulder that
I could almost feel the weathered flannel whispering against my skin.
We pointed at things in the sky, on my ceiling, in our sky
“It’s cold on here,” you say, and get up
before the moment could match my head
(This was originally supposed to have a happy ending,
Like we kissed,
On the wooden floor,
While Yann Tiersen tinkled away in the background
And traffic threw shapes across our faces, like fleeting bruises
That we brushed away with our hands.
But then all that seemed wrong, and false, like
That kind of good ending wouldn’t actually happen
So I changed it, to make it more real.
He would get up,
Off the floor,
Because he felt cold.
Magic slipped through fingers, then,
Like coy ghosts,
And I would feel terribly lonely for a moment,
Before acting like I didn’t care.)

Thursday, February 12, 2009



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

you're pretty like drugs

all via lookbook, a fatal website thanks to its lack of page ends. it just reloads photo after photo until it's like 17 minutes later and you still haven't done your sit-ups or roasted your eggplant for dinner or emailed those people you were supposed to email or ANYTHING.

a family of trees wanted to be haunted

kira, the wee years:
no idea who that d00d is but i was always wandering away from my parents to sit with strangers at restaurants, beaches, parties, etc., so he was likely my new friend at the moment.
even then, i liked the stage, i liked to boogie. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


funkyfresh track N.A.S.A. by Futurecop! 

not as pretty as embedding music in tumblr, but hay, i'm a loyalist. (i.e. i'm afraid of lozing my whole blawg if i switch over to the tumblr side of things)

also please see their 80s insanity myspace page, it's pure neon hairsprayed unicorned glory

i totally used to bang a girl who went to nyu

two guys compete for taking an unsuspecting girl out on the worst date possible. 

Monday, February 09, 2009

i just want to see you underwater

Vic posted about these awhile ago, but I came across them again this evening and they appeared especially magical. What a lovely project by some Russian designers, called Your Personal Moon. more here.

I love this poem by Kendra Grant Malone. And not only because the smell of christmas gets a mention.

I wish this place would hire me, but they, like everywhere else in Los Angeles, it seems, are not hiring. bleurg.

Fuck yes I just paid $13 for Sam Pink's book, "I am going to clone myself then kill the clone and eat it." He sent me his last chapbook, "Yum Yum I can't wait to die" for free, which I fucking loved and read like 3 times and keep on my nightstand so in case I need to laugh before bed/in the middle of the night/immediately upon waking, I have it at my beck and fucking call. I will have one less bottle of wine and approximately 2 less delicious things to eat/drink this week because of the unexpected cost of this book, but that is okay, because Sam Pink's words are that worth it. 

Also, I am 73% certain I am getting an earache. 

i would like to get to know this fence better

at the late great hour of 8.58 pm, i've found what to do with MY evening. my date with juliet, rhan, & louis theroux (wisher of wishes!!! as close as i can get, a viewing of one of his documentaries) was postponed til tomorrow since i have to get up so early for work. This means i'll be cuddling up to a short documentary on Objectum Sexuality before bed. Oh, internet, you are full of so many random wonderful things. Apparently this phenomenon features women (always women, strangely) who fall in love with objects, such as fences, crossbows, amusement park rides, and tourist attractions. Clip can be seen here on Jezebel, full documentary Married to the Eiffel Tower (really, she is) here. Waoooooowwwwww.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

this 50-cent piece has your name on it

danced next to this pompadoured fellow at homme in phoenix last week, had to share. mad propz to kirsten for capturing his glory.

ummm this is why i love living in LA. These photos of that 90210 chick were taken AS I WAS ENTERING THE VERY SAME BIKRAM STUDIO. i saw this girl come out of the studio and say to her friend waiting for her "Ohmygod, how embarrassing is that, they're waiting for me outside of YOGA CLASS NOW." so then i turned to see 4 or 5 paparazzi running towards us to take photos of her. i didn't recognize her, but everyone loitering around the studio lobby was visibly irritated when she brashly hollered out to them "WHY DON'T YOU COME INTO CLASS WITH ME, YOU GUYZ? SERIOUSLY! GET YOUR YOGA ON!!" oof. yeah, we all believe you want to remain inconspicuous.

but wheeeee i LIVE IN MOVIE-LAND! We went out for a drink at this cabaret lounge, and when we sat down I said excitedly to Miranda, "This place looks like something out of Swingers!" Rhan later enlightened me to the fact that part of Swingers was, indeed, filmed there. HO SNAP. 

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thursday, February 05, 2009

vhrrtd, lobr

yessssssss. via mcsweenayyyy's

i just spent THREE HOURS in traffic. technically i could be in arizona by now. but no, i merely traversed a tremendously rainy los angeles from westwood to los feliz. AUGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHHH. as if that's not soul-crushing enough, my phone died half-way through. 

but! my roots aren't insane anymore, despite too long in a salon chair ((why my natural hair color gotta be so boring? damn shame.) where i read in Vogue that downtrodden-economy-stricken socialites in nyc would rather "eat peanut butter for a month than go without highlights and $70 concealer"), and i have an interview tomorrow at a fancy-schmancy, potentially hellz-high-paying job, sooooooo..... ::fingas crozzd::

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the love i sell you in the evening

kind of obsessed with twi the humble feather right now. think panda bear meets pared-down animal collective meets jose gonzalez. No electronic bits are involved (NO KIRSTEN I DO NOT ALWAYS NEED A SYNTHESIZER IN MY MEWZIC, LIFE JUST HAPPENS TO BE BETTER WHEN ONE IS AROUND.), just inventive string work & a soaring threesome of falsetto a capella. twi, pronounced like why, you are so hot right now.

also a certain ryan manning sent me an email saying he was "horny" for the upcoming last days album, to which i responded that i was horny for the upcoming here we go magic album, and within hours he somehow FOUND THE ENTIRE ALBUM ONLINE AND SENT IT TO ME SONG BY SONG. if that's not sexual satisfaction then I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS. thank you internet boyfriend. i loveeeee yewwwwwwww. (cue 30 internet heartz)
photo by the sexcellent jan durina.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

did you see the word

Los Angeles: where the streets have no name greet you hello.

yesterday, after dropping my sweet angel of a road-trippin' partnah kirsten off at the airport and realizing that now my new life is Actually, Really, Truly beginning, i had a mini-freek-owt. But, by the time the 5 North came around and I coasted off at the exit for Target, the tears were wiped away and I calmed myself in the sterile anonymity of their halogen-lit aisles. I cut myself on a bookcase box and the checkout lady awwed over my "boo-boo" and put a band-aid on my finger. Target Mommy. 

My apartment is sunny beautiful, Los Angeles is summer-warm, I'm reunited with juliet (& delightful rhan!), and my roommate is just as lovely as when we shared a stage 7 years ago, or when we shared bed 4 years ago in Rome (gone are her night terrors, thankfully -- those dark late hours when she would fitfully smack me mid-sleep, or would "sleep-run" up and down our hallway freaking out that someone stole her purse...ah. separate rooms, now! no matter!). A full week lies ahead of job-searching, contact-making, headshot-sending, Patti Smith movie-viewing, museum-going, Bird & the Bee concert-attending, LA-ing, LA-ing, LA-ing...ah.

And just before I can freak out again or get too lonely, my longest-ago friend (we go all the way back to preschool, hayyyyy) is coming out from New York next week to help me get adjusted here. And also to bring me cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. (!!!!) (whee.)