Monday, May 14, 2007

We have a whole life to live together, you fucker, but it can't start until you call.

Miranda July, right up there in my top 5 favorite creative women in the world (along with Bjork, Jenny Holzer, Margaret Atwood, & Sophie Calle) has a book coming out tommorrow, and I am positively quivering with excitement. It's a collection of short stories entitled No One Belongs Here More Than You, and you mustmustmust go to the website:

Always an original, she sounds her authorial trumpet by writing with a dry-erase marker on different kitchen appliances and photographing each sentence, all leading to a photo-story to announce her upcoming book. It's too lovely for words.

If you haven't yet seen "You, Me, & Everyone We Know," go out and rent it TODAY. It's a unbelievably endearing modern tale of intersecting quirky characters and stories: a family torn apart by divorce, a little boy's naive foray into the world of internet sex, an elderly couple's love, and a woman's tendency to wish her fantasies into reality so hard that they just might happen.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

splashy splashy

oh, my, god, i CANNOT get over this swimsuit by JG4B:

It's a collaboration of Jasper Goodall, a UK graphic design artist, with a British swimsuit designer to create the "Midnight Menagerie" collection (shown). I am DYING for one of these two versions, but my size is sold out on netaporter. I've even contacted a boutique in canada where they stock the swimsuits (there are only a few shops in the world that stock them), and am begging them to order some more even though it's over $300 and I've never spent that much on a swimsuit...or...anything... and when it comes down to it I can't even afford it, but I want it so baaaaaaaaaaad *whimpers*

It's such a flattering cut~! Love the one-pieces with sides cut out and a low V front. I'm even going back to the ol' shopaholic's axiom: "BUT I'LL WEAR IT FOREVER!!!!!!!" This probably isn't an eternity piece, but goddammit is it cute. I'll probably end up with a lower-end version of this swimsuit, like the American Apparel one:

sigh. why can't i be a rich 23 year old so that i can afford couture swimsuits? WHY.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Sweaty camera in hand, i snuck *clicks* at some examples of Coachella style. Fashion do's and don'ts to follow ("don't" mainly exhibited by pot-bellied boy with a t-shirt wrapped around his head, Turban style. And I don't think he was trying to emulate the Prada Fall '07 turban look, either.) I had bigger ambitions than follow-thru: I intended this to be a full-on facehunter homage, but fatigue and dehydration set in, and lying face-down in the grass in the air-conditioned Heineken tent and passing out in the sun during MSTRKRFT won over style scouting. But, still...

This lady and her sunny yellow dress got us all dancing to one of the members of The Faint who DJ'd in the globe tent that lit up at night.

Here he is! (HOT.) Shades + tight white tee + grey vest = zexy.

Loved this girl's pink hair and vintage see-thru babydoll top. After we film the documentary in June, I think I'll be adding a few streaks of pink to my blonde locks...

And there we have it. It's more theta alpha phi than Prada, no? This is when style deteriorates and people just don't care anymore, because it's just too damn hot to worry about how you look when sweat won't stop running down the backs of your thighs.

Adorable. Lots of girls opted to just wear tops as dresses and pair with some rough little ankle boots, as she did. I marveled at how many girls wore boots, until I realized that it wasn't just about enduring unbelievable heat for fashion: it's an easy way to sneak in drugs! Ah, it all comes together.

Another style note was all of the Ray-Ban Corey Hart sunglasses going on. It was cute for about five minutes, but I'm over it -- I'd say 1/3 girls wore them, and when that happens, you know it's time for a trend to die. Also of note were all the '70s hippie headbands the circled the forehead rather than kept hair out of the face. I'm all for that look, but it's hard to pull off if you're not at a summer festival. Note to self for Lollapalooza style this summer in Chicago...

sailor? i hardly knew her!

new dress up in the shop. it's my favorite. shhh.

Monday, May 07, 2007


just added some loverly new vintage items to the shop(pe). head on over to tiniest spark vintage & take a look for cute summer coats, dresses, and shoes...ooh la la <3