Tuesday, April 24, 2007



three days 'til i'll be:

*driving four hours thru-out the nite with meg, ipod blasting away our favorite can't-miss coachella artists, stopping at gas stations to load up on caffeine & string cheese

*seeing BJORK OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGGG MY ICELANDIC BEAUTY DREAM COME TRUE, i have loved her and listened to her trilled electronic wails since a wee lass of 14 (good god, almost 10 years ago?), and have been dying to see her ever since. it will without a doubt be my highlight of the three-day festival : )
*camping, miserably enough. (WHY do people do it for pleasure?)

*sweating, sweating, sweating. still debating on fashion choices...vintage lime green romper with white birdies flying all over it is a surefire friday pick, and some floaty dresses for the other days.... but it's hard to look cute when you are in 115 degrees for an entire weekend, can't sleep because it's about -20 fucking degrees at night (in a tent, that is), but wake up around 7:30am NOT by choice because the blazing sun is already on its sadistic rampage and then you end up passing out on the grass floor of the air-conditioned heineken tent for a few precious half-hours per day because it's the sweet, sweet, merciful cool air that lulls you to splay out, grass-stains aplenty, oh, who can look cute after all that? WHO? i saw these girls last year sporting intense amounts of foundation, lipstick, heavy jewelry, HEELS, the whole kit and kaboodle, and i have NO idea how they did it. they must have stayed in a hotel. bitches.

*list of people i'm excited to see:

bjork !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arcade fire!!!!


cansei ser sexy

manu chao

the good, the bad & the queen

blonde redhead!!


lily allen!
i can't even think of any others, i'm that excited.

people that are missing that i would have loved to see there:

joanna newsom (swoon) & the knife. ah well, next year....
anyone reading this going? how excited are YOU?????
oh, hooray.