Saturday, August 26, 2006

sailor shorts, i covet thee.

so, christina aguilera's video "ain't no other man" came on this evening, and for the 80th time since i've seen it, i felt a pang of clothes-lust. I WANT THOSE SAILOR SHORTS! i'm sure you've all seen the video; it plays ad nauseum on the music video channels. she's singing, her platinum pincurls bobbing up and down as she moves her little frame around in a wifebeater and high-waisted navy sailor shorts that look to have suspenders.


i've been looking online for the past half hour to find sailor shorts like them, but to no avail. i can't even find any flippin' pictures from the video to post to you all! but i do have this photo, which serves as a pretty similar countepart to what she dons in the actual video:

are those not the cutest effing shorts you have ever seen???? does any stylin' lady (or gentleman!) out there in blogtopia know where i can get access to shorts such as these magnificent ones???


meanwhile, i scored some AMAZING vintage finds yesterday and am eager to do a photo shoot tomorrow and post them on my site for your bidding/buying pleasure. yay!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

voila mon bonheur

et....les vetements!! let's not forget the vintage site!

it's going pretty well so far, i've done what i can to advertise on myspace and via my friends without crossing the line to obnoxia, and so far i've had a lot of viewers and even a few bidders. i'm hopping that the bids will increase in the last 2 days of listing, as they usually do on my favorite ebay sites anyhow.

you know you want to see some rockin' vintage!

here are some teasers:

go! bid! tell your friends to bid! whee! <3>

how many months?

well, it's been a stressful past few days, mixed with highs and lows, fun and exhaustion.
we'll start with the icky stuff:
-saying g'bye to the cutest labs EVAR that i'd been dogsitting for the past 3 weeks. seriously, i have never met dogs this sweet in my LIFE. they literally fall asleep next to me hugging me, their paws wrapped around me. gah! these blurry guys right here:

-standing in line at home depot, waiting for my paint to be made, lunshowered, no makeup, looking like absolute crap and wearing my oversized Zara top that i love because it's basically like wearing a comfy white sheet , and having some dude next to me ask :

"how many months?"
"uh, months what?"
"'re pregnant, right?"
tears were practically shed. AUGH. clearly must begin feared gym membership asap. :(

-stressful time at work....managers have been up our asses lately and it's INCREDIBLY irritating.
-moving. my boyfriend and i are living amidst piles of our belongings, just waiting for: dressers to be assembled, curtains to be bought, laundry to be done, furniture to be bought...
-$ stresses. man, now that i've graduated, i'm learning how rough it is to have to pay for EVERYTHING on my own. which is difficult when i refuse to work a 9-5 job. hrmph.


i went to uffie's concert! if you haven't heard her music, go nownownow. she's an awesome mix of electrorock/rap, and totally cute. here she is in all her adorable glory:

during her song, "ready to f*ck," she had all the females in the house come up on stage and rock out and dance. oh HELL YES i went up on stage to DANCE. WITH. UFFIE. i am the one in the shiny vintage slip (and boots, femme : ) ) grabbing my own hair in uffie-stasy.

it was a great nite had by all.

also, i have some interviews this week for a very promising arts commission internship as well as a part-time clothing-store gig. wish me luck, eee!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

who loves vintage clothes? YOU LOVE VINTAGE CLOTHES!

my ebay auction site is up and running! i just posted the first few items, the rest will be put up tomorrow morning. click away

i still have a lot of formatting to do on the listings, but i wanted you, my dear blog readers, to have the first look. the auctions have started, so bid away!!

: )

Friday, August 18, 2006

hear ye, hear ye! a POLL!


so i am working hard on getting this vintage clothing site up and running, but i'm having trouble deciding on a name, so i thought this would be a perfect venue for my 4 readers to help me decide. : )

what do you prefer:

*the tiniest spark vintage {it's from my favorite bjork song, isabel : "in a forest pitch dark/glowed the tiniest spark/it burst into a flame/like me/like me}

*a moveable vintage feast

*gateau chateau vintage

*twice is nice vintage

*left bank vintage

*coquelicot vintage

*mais oui! vintage

merci bien, mes amours <3

Thursday, August 17, 2006

a bachelorette evening

today was a hellish one. i was given a 9-4 shift at the restaurant, which means working thru both the insane morning & lunch rush, and the ensuing dead-of-the-afternoon clean-up. BLECH! while i hate getting up while it's still dark out to open the restaurant at 5.30 am, i prefer it to the endless mid-day shifts.

anyhow, after a long day i lazed around at home -- well, sort of home -- i'm dogsitting for the two cutest labs EVAR. i feasted on a bachelorette (boyfriend's home sick with the flu :( ) dinner of crackers & deli ham (sounds kinda gross, wasn't that bad) and a huge, perfectly ripe peach, and watching the Drug Years on VH1 (anybody seen it? FASCINATING. i want to read this one commentator's Martin Torgoff's "Can't Find My Way Home," it seems like an excellent overview of America's drug history.).

annnnnnnnnyway, amidst this slothful haze, i managed to find an adorable vintage sailor dress online and snatch it up for a pittance -- $15! -- from her etsy shop. Check her stuff out, she's got some really interesting designs: If you don't know already (the horror!) the WONDERS of etsy, please do yourself a favor and your debit card a punishment by moseying over to it's a cornucopia of handmade and craft goods, anything from housewares to art to clothes to jewelry (half the jewelry i own is from this site).

the dress i bought today:

other items i've bought from etsy in the past:

a lovely silver swallow necklace for a mere $8, before urban outfitters started selling them for like $28

a long yellow tee splashed with black umbrellas and a couple plodding thru the rain:

computer key earrings for just THREE DOLLA!


i'm also working on starting my ebay account auctioning off vintage clothing, which should be up within a week or so...stay tuned!

til then, turn on, tune in, drop out. (fun Drug Years fact: did you know that when LSD was first invented and was being used on a minimal level, undercover government officials used to drop LSD tablets in unassuming bar customers' drinks and take them to a hotel to observe them for hours on end while the innocent souls tripped out, presumably for the first time while cops took notes behind a one-way mirror?)

Monday, August 14, 2006


always rely on comme des garcons to do it right. i even like those boots, and i'm not usually a fan of heeled slouchy boots.

see below post for explanation of this sweater-dress-orgasm

and it's only $435... ::whimper::

sweater dress fixation

so. after breezing by the gap the other day, i saw a large print ad for a sweater they have for fall-- this one:

of course, this was not the ad and i can't find it ANYWHERE ONLINE, but they made this dress into the most perfect sweater dress in existence, paired with black leggings and topped by a tight denim wonderjacket.

Now: i never shop at gap, ever, except to buy their most fabulous boy-cut undies which are a god-send to the undergarment department. i looooove them. so comfy. go buy! but as for their outergarments, i don't much care for them -- i've always found them really boring and simple, and too preppy for my taste.

but this sweater! oh! how it brought me back! BACK to italy, circa last autumn, october-ish, when i started coveting the Sweater Dress. it was from an ad in a magazine? or some gorge italian lady walking down some cobblestone street with it or SOMETHING, but that was the genesis of my obsession. since then, i have alternately been unable to find one that is perfect, like the one in my head (i can't even find a photo of one online! sheesh! and it's supposed to be the new "in" look for THIS fall!), and forgetting about it because i live in phoenix and usually it is like 105 degrees here, where sweater dresses aren't exactly weather-appropriate.


anyone know where i can find a slim-fitting, deep-v sweater dress with a block trim at the bottom without paying $200+? the gap one would have been perfect if it were just a tad longer...i begged the saleslady to find me an XL to see if it would be long enough to pass for a dress, but to no avail. A SWEATER IT REMAINS. and so should be marketed as one! effin' gap.

also, i found this look and looooooove it. yay prada.

everything is perfect...the caramel boots and the mid-calf length, the layered heavy twill pieces...yummy.

i will post about meeting arcade fire and seeing final fantasy play last nite whenever my friend puts her photos up on flickr. until i buy a camera (sometime this week! whee!) i must roll ghetto-style, depending on others and the net for those featured in this blog.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

an ideal day

photos from my year abroad here serve to create a composite of my ideal day. sigh.

cappuccino on a roman autumn morning

a kiss on the blarney stone in my favorite pink h&m jacket

wine and pizza in the park in bayonne, espana

a walk in paris

a new post tomorrow on my weekend -- preview: i met arcade fire last nite! whee!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

hello again, dear reader(s?)!

after much consideration, deliberation, and recreation(al) perusing of the lovely style blogs on this world wide wizneb, i have decided that i would like to share my fashion and style musings on this blog as well as it being a sort of journal in my newly post-graduate state. it's a perfect time to start a public journal, as i just graduated from college a few months ago and am attempting to navigate myself along with my passions into the "real world." not quite yet, though, i'm mainly serving and dog-sitting for the moment, as i have no clue how exactly to get started on my dream life, which is to:
1) write novels in an inspiring fast-paced city like paris, san francisco, london, dublin...
2) travel travel travel, i'm craving europe like women who are preggers crave pickles and ice cream
3) work for a magazine, to eventually start my own fashion/music/film/art/travel mag
4) engage in some sort of intercultural international visual arts attache type job
5) generally be and look fabulous and have millions of friends and spend my free moments in loud, crowded restaurants, walking down lonely cobblestone alleys, filled with lovelovelove, books & art & film & music everywhere, and imagining myself in some sort of lovely romantic haunted black & white photograph. much like in the photo above! (which i can't figure out for the life of me how to post where i want it, not at the top of the post. help?)

gah! i was going to post some lovely guy bourdin photos that move me in my style bits like no other photographer has managed to do thus far, but i'll save him for next time, hopefully after i get advice from my reader(s?) as to how the heck to manage the photo posting on this newfangled thing.

there! now you know ALL ABOUT ME. or about 1/8 of my aspirations, anyway. i'm friendly and would love to e-meet fellow bloggers, so don't be shy! i've felt slightly silly posting gushing comments all over some other blogs (ahem, femme, embrouillllllllllamini), but that's what this is all about, right? making strange friends out in the ether? the e-galaxee?

right, over and out. must be up at 5 to serve food to people who, inexplicably, choose to wake up and EAT at 6 AM ON SATURDAYS. who? WHO? WHY????? GO TO BED, PEOPLE! GO. TO. BED.

and that's exactly what i shall do. g'nite!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

hello, world!

testing, testing, blog two three...