Friday, March 16, 2007

ahoy, mateys!

well, europe, it looks like it's going to be me and you, together again, reunited down long, winding roads, streetside cafes, endless cappuccinos, floaty sundresses, and...donkeys?

in june, me mum, a writer/producer/documentarian, is heading to europe to film a travel series, and i'm going to be the on-camera host! WHEE!!!!!!!!!!!! two blissful weeks of island-hopping and filming with mum, boyfriend (as Key Grip, his official title), and a small crew of lovely people.

soooo-ooooo excited. i've also applied to graduate schools in europe for the fall (namely around london and dublin), so, assorted bloggers and worldwide readers, keep yer fingers crossed for me. i won't find out til may or june...i'll inform you all then. : )