Monday, October 16, 2006

yes, this will be me...i'm going on a mini-hiatus from the blogosphere for the next 2 weeks. i'm flying home to chicago so i can have my wisdom teeth (all four!!) removed. why fly across the country to have the surgery, you ask? because no one can take better care of you than mom.

wish me luck. eeeep. i'm suuuuuuuuuch a wuss with pain.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

a room of one's own

so i moved in with a boy, and there are two bathrooms, and finally, for the first time since i left home, i have a whole bathroom counter on which to spread all of my products/makeup/toiletries/candy/bobby pins/etc. no sharing with girls, no piling makeup away in my room and hauling it to the bathroom everyday to apply. non plus!

IT'S GLORIOUS!!! a right mess, but GLORIOUS.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

can thrift overcome dolce?

so i really really really want this dolce & gabbana silk scarf that i found on lookit! it's so lovely! i hardly EVER wear scarves but lately i've begun imagining myself as a woman who wears scarves, and boy, is she chic. i could knot it around my neck to hide my un-impressive jawline, OR around the handle of my new/vintage leather handbag that is just languishing in my closet, waiting for me to have some official business-y meeting that i can wear it to.

and it's in newsprint! in different languages! and it used to be $200! and now is only $30! i have trouble buying anything online over $15. i think it's because in my recent thrifting overload, i have come to realize that in no way do i have to spend more than $20 to own one rockin' item.

however, that usually doesn't include dolce.

or gabbana.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

facehunting on a saturday nite

2 posts in one evening! madness! it's called hungover from le boy's 25th bday, people. saturday nite, and too hungover to move anywhere that is over 25 feet from the laptop.

anyhow! facehunter inspired me to share some thoughts with you. i LOVE that outfit (above). ok, this has to go back.
LEGGINGS: they are now the bane of many fashionistas, but a year ago today, i was rocking them out (white sparkly ones) with a denim mini and heels, stumbling drunkenly from bar to bar, when i got a most rude awakening.
came the challenging and utterly unique yell out of the window of an SUV passing by. i half laughed it off, half sparked a tear in my eye, because, well, i LOVED my outfit. i had spent a long time carefully crafting the rainbow striped collared top with the huge caramel leather belt i bought in italy with the denim mini and heels, to COMPLEMENT the tights. SORRY, I WASN'T WEARING SOME BORING GAP JEANS WITH A TOP FROM CHARLOTTE RUSSE, like all the other bleached and boob-job-ed students by which i was surrounded. le sigh. anyway, after that, my love affair with leggings was tempestuous. half-rebellious, eff you, if you don't understand the utter CHIC and FUN of the leggings, half-aware of the looks i was receiving. phoenix isn't the most fashion-forward of places, and when leggings were just becoming "in," few femmes were sporting them, here.

ANYWAY, blah blah, fast-forward a year later and everyone seems to hate leggings and mock anyone who wears them. especially over at i love them, but MAN do they rip on leggings!

so, my point is, this lady (above), captured by the facehunter in paris, eschews the current distaste for leggings and she, i think, pulls them off quite masterfully with her oversized white linen blouse and floral jacket thingie. and the headphones. and the hair! ooh. so pretty. makes me miss being a redhead. i likey the t-straps, too.

today is vintage day.

well HELLO there! it's been so long! almost a month, in fact, which is an absurdly long time to have gone without posting. there really isn't much excuse aside from the fact that i am currently working 6 jobs (yes. bartending, serving, dogsitting, interning at an arts commission, selling vintage clothes in my online shoppe (with an extra p and e), tiniest spark vintage, and running a local vintage store's ebay site) and am a little stretched for time. un peu.

so! with my first foray into blogging in over 3 weeks, i thought i'd mark the occasion by declaring it vintage blogging DAY. i will hereforth (word? now it is.) share with you, my dear readers, my most favorite of online vintage shops. most of them are on ebay, and offer the amazing potential for incredibly cheap finds -- that is, if your fellow vintage lover doesn't place a higher bid. away we go!!

i just happened across the urban collection this eventide, and have already begun bidding. she's got some pretty cute stuff, check out these hot 70s leather boots! currently running under ten buckaroos.

mama stone vintage is ALWAYS a reliable stop for the bestest of the best vintage finds. the only problem is, so many people already know about her store that the bids go up, up, and up before my paltry wallet has a chance to win. but i'm finicky -- if it's the right thing that i find, i'll spend over $50, but i usually reign myself in. if you're a little less thrifty, this is the store POUR TOI! regarde:

LOVE THAT COAT!!!!!!!!! gah. if only i didn't live in phoenix...i hope one of you win this.

noirohiovintage is a rockin' stop for awesome tops 'n' minidresses 'n' coats...none of which blogger is currently allowing me to upload. the eff!! this happened in my last post, too...are we only allowed two photos per post or something retahded like that? gah, LAME. anyway please go there, her stuff is too lovely, and while the prices do go up, up, up, you're more likely to snag a bargain there than mamastone.

next up, another favorite is cake shop vintage, home of sweet vintage finds. she's not that well-known (yet), so you can grab her stuff for less expensive prices. again, bloody blogger won't allow me to upload any photos, so yer gonna have to click the link and see for yerselves.

starlet vintage is another great stop, she currently has a mad-cute paisley minidress that i quite fancy, not unlike one that's up for bidding in my store, tiniest spark vintage.

lastly, i really enjoy ce petit coeur vintage, not only for her sweet clothes (i bought a gorgeous vintage pink camisole extraordinaire from her), but also because she has the BEST HAIR. and i love her freckles, she has the loveliest complexion. which is obviously not a reason to shop somewhere, but a nice perk when you're browsing the photos.

ok, hope you've enjoyed this vintage round-up! let me know if you win any sweet vintage items from these (or other) purveyors, i'd love to see them!