Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ramses II

my puppy. photographed at the congress hotel in tucson, arizona. We had to sneak him in, folding him into my oversized Longchamp tote bag, and he was punching and kicking and digging tunnels with his white-socked little paws the whole way up and down the stairs. shhh.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

loveable monster creatures and more...

i thought i'd take this opportunity to share with you some wonderful artwork that i've discovered online in the past few weeks. their work gives me those good shivers where i get all over-excited and think "OOH! i want these covering EVERY INCH OF MY LIVING ROOM WALL!!!!!!!"

ashley g! you can find her shop on etsy.com.
i bought this one, entitled "windy day," and it now lives on my blue wall, behind my bed. it is too lovely. her works are so precious and fairy-tale-esque and like a link to another magical world. the creatures that she renders are too adorable, like wee harmless monsters that you want to fit into your pocket and whisper your secrets to all day long, knowing you'll get an adoring little squeeze hug in return.

i'm currently lusting after this one, called "party for one."

go and grab one of her prints in her etsy shop now!

another one i'm loving is jennifer's work in her shop, http://stilettoheights.etsy.com. Her collage work has an ethereal romanticism to it that she creates by melding vintage script in cursive, love letters painted all over the canvas with photographs of women lounging seductively in bed or walking down lonely city streets. There is a haunting escapism here that is incredibly alluring, and her work ranges from smaller, affordable canvases to large-scale work.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

zexxy vintage listings!

ooooh. posted some new items to me' vintage shoppe, lookielookie!

if you're interested, click on over to tiniest spark vintage (in case i effed up that hyperlink, it's should be located within the links on the right)


Monday, January 01, 2007

newsboy cap -->newsies --> christian bale --> ahh.

i have had a torrid history with hats. namely because they never, EVER look good on me. i'm simply not one of those girls that can top an outfit off with a fedora and look wicked hot. just can't. I look like a doofus every time, in every style of hat. So, as le boy and i were breezing thru nordstrom's today, and he stopped at the men's hats and tried on a few newsboy styles (which he looks ravishing in, by the way), i tried one on as a joke. Lo! Behold! I was astonished at my reflection. A navy blue Kangol newsboy cap stared back at me, atop by newly lightened strands of hair and DAMN. I looked good. So good that three passers-by stopped to tell me how much they loved my outfit (black free people mini babydoll dress, white tights, brown boots, and my caramel leather motorcycle jacket i bought in rome 6 years ago) and that I definitely needed to buy the hat. And they weren't even employees!

needless to say, i bought it and am now wearing it, even though i just put it on to take the dog out and am still wearing it in my pajamas on my way to bed and now my boyfriend is turning off all the lights around me and saying "shop's closed, lady," so, guess it's bedtime.

yay! yay kangol! you have a new friend in me! everyone run to your nearest nordstrom's men's department and make a happier, more subtly stylin' you!