Friday, March 06, 2009

adding kindle to the fire


Devil with a USB Port, USB Port, USB Port on. I hate this product more than any other 2.0-era gadget, you guyz. I even hate it more than 25 Things Lists on Facebook. There was this chick in the Proust book group juliet & i made an attempt at joining last week who announced to a group of people, meeting about Proust, under the roof of an independently-run bookshop, that she was reading the novel on her kindle. I had that immediate fantasy, you know, of like running up to her in slow-motion with my fists all asunder and a crazy look in my eyes, animated steam perhaps shooting out of my ears. Plus, she had rhinestones on her back jean pockets. She had made a deliberate choice, to buy, and wear those jeans. With faux-converse sneakers. And, she sported a bigass diamond ring on her wedding finger. Seriously. What is the world coming to. WHAT IS IT COMING TO.
And in unrelated but equally irate news, I ask, WHY HAS NO ONE MADE ME A CAKE LIKE THIS YET?????


Matt said...


A theater near you.

Kelly said...

thank you thank you and thank you--no kindle no how

Anonymous said...

i feel like even one small, very small, bite of that cake would make my life exponentially better right now.

molly said...

that cake might, just MIGHT, make me feel better after seeing someone with a mo-fo kindle...but, i doubt it.

(my word verification is: conking
as in: i would be "conking" that girl on the head!)