Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yer my favorite aunt because yer always happy

After 12 hours of sitting around in various airports (LAX, SFO) yesterday thanks to "weather conditions" (yeah, like i'm falling for that one), at last i arrived in the land of rain and the cutest nieces you ever did see -- portland. With all the delays, by the time i got in last nite the wee ones were already asleep, so this morning i was awoken at the non-magical hour of 6.30 am with magical kisses from a 4 & a 6 year old. ah!       

today we: shopped for toys (hello kitty is still big, y'all), ate rainbow sprinkled donuts, drew mermaids, read berenstain bears (still big, y'all), i got my cardio on via an intense piggy back ride in the rain, and celebrated daisy's birthday with ice cream cake. HAYO.  photos coming soon.

in the meantime, the best/creepiest photo of kurt methinks i've ever seen, because we can, and because i'm currently wearing my sister's red plaid scarf that she wore in the years that he was still truckin':                                        
also, really, craigslist? how about someone hire me just to EDIT THESE JOB LISTINGZ:

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