Thursday, February 26, 2009

watercolour milk

Truly one of the most beautifully rendered "music videos" i have ever seen: a video triptych from creative duo Overture (who did the artwork for an, ahem, KiraKira album!) set to Hauschka. Bryum & Kapok are woodland creatures whose friendship and musical collaboration brings all the sweet mythical forest creatures together in a pseudo-pagan sonic dance love moment. Really lovely. 

Freibad, one of my favorite Hauschka pieces, is the 3rd and final installment, embedded below. I wish I could relive that delightful wintry night at Schubas all over again. My nieces were totally mesmerized by this video, and immediately after I showed it to them, they rushed to find instruments emulating those of Bryum & Kapoks' so they could recreate the scene. It was with a private sense of glee that I heard them humming Hauschka for hours afterwards.

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