Monday, February 23, 2009

time is on someone's side


--last nite's text from Juliet
I would have to agree, (OMG "SEYMOUR PHILIP HOFFMAN" WTF, and Craigslist dancers??? really???), but not quite as freaky deaky awesome as this WALL OF CLOCKS at TJ's house. Yesssss. Plus he brought the party Midwestern-style, serving beef jerky, football-shaped sausage, cheese curds, and Coors.

His landlady knocked at 10.15 to yell at us for being too loud, "and I know you are having some kind of fun, but it is after ten, and peoples have to work tOMORROW!!!! IT IS MONDAY TOMORROW!" Being in a room full of stand-up comics was rather intimidating, there was a (seemingly weighted) board tallying the jokes. At least I rated (twice) (although my name was given a -hole at the end, aw).

off i go to visit my adorbz nieces in PORTLANDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!


ryan manning said...

what about philip seymour hoffman

juliet small ernst said...

haha a joke tally board?! well no doubt you registered, though the a-hole is totally off-base. phooey.

and the oscars were out of control. THE MUSICAL IS BACK! what? and, as always, it felt about nine hours long.

i am missing you this week!

thetiniestspark said...

ryan: the dude announcing PSH's oscar nomination made the rather horrific gaffe of switching around his names, referring to him as "seymour phillip hoffman," it was a painful moment, read all over PSH's face.

mahboob: i miss you toooooooo!!! i wish you were by my side now, i am in SFO on a retarded 4-hour delay to portland. AUGHGHHGHGHG. and to be fair, i called TJ an a-hole for not remembering my name when he went to put my tally on the board, so then he added "a-hole " to the end of my name. but phooey all the same.