Sunday, February 08, 2009

this 50-cent piece has your name on it

danced next to this pompadoured fellow at homme in phoenix last week, had to share. mad propz to kirsten for capturing his glory.

ummm this is why i love living in LA. These photos of that 90210 chick were taken AS I WAS ENTERING THE VERY SAME BIKRAM STUDIO. i saw this girl come out of the studio and say to her friend waiting for her "Ohmygod, how embarrassing is that, they're waiting for me outside of YOGA CLASS NOW." so then i turned to see 4 or 5 paparazzi running towards us to take photos of her. i didn't recognize her, but everyone loitering around the studio lobby was visibly irritated when she brashly hollered out to them "WHY DON'T YOU COME INTO CLASS WITH ME, YOU GUYZ? SERIOUSLY! GET YOUR YOGA ON!!" oof. yeah, we all believe you want to remain inconspicuous.

but wheeeee i LIVE IN MOVIE-LAND! We went out for a drink at this cabaret lounge, and when we sat down I said excitedly to Miranda, "This place looks like something out of Swingers!" Rhan later enlightened me to the fact that part of Swingers was, indeed, filmed there. HO SNAP. 

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kei said...

She wears Uggs to and from hot yoga! LOL.